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1. General provisions and recommendations:
1.1. forum.happypc.ru - private forum. Being here, you agree to be guided by these Rules.
1.2. The Forum is dedicated to mobile, desktop, portable, gaming and other digital devices and programs for them.
1.3. The Forum is postmoderated, i.e. messages are added immediately and moderated later.
1.4. The order on the forum is monitored by Moderators and Administrators. Moderators exercise control over the forums assigned to them, can edit, delete messages and topics, close and transfer topics, apply various penalties to participants - warning, pre-moderation, Read Only or PO (prohibition of writing messages), account blocking (ban). Administrators have all rights for all forums and can additionally make any changes to the work of the forum.
1.5. All messages reflect the opinions of their authors. The opinion of the administration may not coincide with the opinion of the author. If you believe that any messages contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, contain commercial secrets or are capable of causing damage to individuals or legal entities, you can inform the Moderators or the Administration of the resource by clicking the "Complaint" button.
1.6. Stick to the already established culture of communication on the forum. We create our own habitat. We will be polite and friendly to each other! If you see violations of the Rules, or you are provoked by other participants, do not follow the violators. Write a letter to the Moderator of the resource indicating the violation or use the "Complaint" button. The rest is the concern of the Forum Administration.
1.7. If you made a mistake - for example, duplicated a message, accidentally sent an answer to the wrong place or an empty message - be sure to inform the Moderators about it using the "Complaint" button, specify the problem - the moderator will help. You should not write new messages, comment on your mistakes, and apologize for such a flood.
1.8. In case of accidental repetition of a post caused by clicking in some browsers, delete the repetitions. If little time has passed since the first message was written, these two posts will "stick together", and it is necessary to edit the result by erasing the repetition.

1.9 It is strictly prohibited to conduct any transactions, purchase/sale/exchange on the forum. We are not responsible for any incidents if you decide to do it anyway - all this is done at your own "risk". For detecting such - your account will be blocked indefinitely.


2. User name ("nickname", "nickname", "login", "account") and profile data:
2.1.1. Nickname is your personality. Perhaps if you become a regular of forums, he will be your business card, talking about you and your level. If you don't want to fight later for the fact that you are called that way, and not be one of many, choose the original nickname (within the Rules and common sense). Of course, you can also sign with your real name - it's your own business. The nickname can be changed independently, once a year.
2.1.2. Registration of unpronounceable nicknames/nicknames associated with the HappyPC brand/nicknames containing a mat (hidden mat) is prohibited/administrative nicknames or just a meaningless set of letters and numbers (for example: Klmn454824IOIoo/HappyPC+ any prefix/administrator/admin/fff/KS12KS12, etc.).
2.1.3. It is prohibited to register and/or use two or more nicknames by one user for any reason, especially if the "Read Only" mode is set or your nickname is blocked (banned). If such nicknames are detected, they will be blocked without warning. Violation of this rule is punishable by ban of the second nickname and punishment of the first.
2.1.4. It is prohibited to register a duplicate of an existing nickname, i.e. a nickname that is a complete or partial visual duplicate of an existing one (including those obtained by replacing Russian letters with Latin letters with a similar spelling and vice versa). If such a nickname is detected, it can be blocked at the request of the owner of the original name.
2.1.5. It is prohibited to use as nicknames:
— rude, offensive and obscene expressions, as well as calls for violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form);
— web site addresses, any contact information: phone numbers, e-mail, etc., as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data;
— explicit or hidden advertising.
2.1.6. After passing the verification, brand accounts are allowed nicknames containing brand names.

2.2. Avatar:
2.2.1. If you put the same avatar as another participant, then at his request your avatar can be removed from your profile. Therefore, try to use original images.
2.2.2. It is prohibited to post avatars containing:
— rude, offensive and obscene expressions and images, as well as calls for violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form);
— web site addresses, any contact information: phone numbers, e-mail, etc., as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data;
— explicit or hidden advertising;
— any QR codes.
2.2.3. After passing the verification, brand accounts are allowed an avatar with the brand logo.

2.3. Signature and status:
2.3.1. Signatures and statuses containing:
— more than 3 lines;
— explicit or hidden advertising;
— web site addresses (including link abbreviators), any contact information: phone numbers, e-mail, etc., as well as combinations of characters that can be regarded as such data. Links to resources within this forum, as well as shared (public, etc.) resources are allowed;
2.3.2. After passing verification, brand accounts are allowed to sign with the text: "Verified. Official account".

2.4. Profile:
2.4.1. If possible, fill in the maximum number of fields in your profile. This will help to contact you in the future and get additional information about you that may be useful in solving your problems.
2.4.2. Pay special attention to the "My PC" field. Be sure to specify the model/description of your device in it. This will help to avoid additional questions when solving your problems.
2.4.3. It is prohibited to post information in the profile containing rude, offensive and obscene expressions and images, as well as calls for violence and violation of the law (in any language and in any form).

2.4.4. The creation of multiaccounts is prohibited on the forum, if your main account has been warned, banned by the resource administration.

Punishment: blocking of all accounts, at the discretion of the resource administration, depending on the severity of your violation.


3. Forum language:
3.1. The official language of the Forum is Russian.
3.2. All messages must be written in Russian. Transliteration is allowed only in exceptional cases. To translate the text into a normal form, we strongly recommend using the service http://translit.net / or similar.
3.3. The use of other languages in the signature is allowed.
3.4. Far-fetched mistakes and deliberate malicious non-compliance with the rules of the Russian language (including abuse of the so-called "Padonkov language") are prohibited.


4. General rules for creating topics and messages:
4.1. Before creating a new topic or message, you should carefully read the rules adopted in this section.
4.2. The name of the topic should be as informative as possible, so that other users can already understand your problem from it. In the body of the message, let's give a detailed description of the problem.
4.3. Do not rush to create a theme. It is very likely that your question was discussed earlier, or there is a topic of discussion of your device. Use the search. At the same time, search sequentially for several suitable keywords. For example, if your question is related to the use of Bluetooth on the Qtek S100, you should search by the words "Bluetooth" and "Qtek".
4.4. If you find a topic that matches your problem, you should not immediately write a message in it. Perhaps your problem has already been discussed and a solution has been found. Be sure to read the topic header - it contains useful information, especially for you.
4.5. The creation of duplicates of messages and topics is prohibited. If you created a topic or message by mistake in the wrong section where you planned (or realized that the choice was wrong), do not create similar topics or messages in another section. Contact the moderator via the "Complaint" button — he will move your topic or message to the correct section.
4.6. If you see that someone violates the rules on the resource (a duplicate of an existing topic has been created, aggression or flood in messages, incorrect location of the topic, etc.), you should not create new messages about it - just click the "Complaint" button, and the Moderators will take action.
4.7.1. When answering an existing topic, try to formulate a question or answer so that it is understandable to the rest of the forum participants. Avoid flooding, philosophizing, lyrical digressions.
4.7.2. Messages containing grammatical and/or syntactic errors may cause a negative reaction from forum participants. Try to write correctly.
4.8. Explicit and hidden rudeness, rudeness, insults are prohibited.
4.9. It is prohibited to use obscene language, both explicit and hidden, including behind special characters.
4.10. Provoking a conflict is prohibited, as well as responding to a provocation. If you think that you have been insulted (or otherwise violated your rights or the Rules of the resource), report this fact to the Moderator through the "Complaint" button. He will take the necessary measures to the violator.

 4.10.1 It is prohibited to ignite conflicts against the background of political, religious, gender, and other views. It is also forbidden to post links to materials that may violate human rights and dignity.
4.11. In the topic name and messages are prohibited:
4.11.1. Replacing Russian letters with similar ones from other languages, and vice versa;
4.11.2. Writing topics and messages in CAPITAL LETTERS;
4.11.3. Writing messages in uppercase and lowercase letters mixed together ("this way") or letters of different alphabets ("sledging");
4.11.4. When publishing an image on the forum, its preview is automatically created with a size of no more than 400 pixels on the larger side. Try to choose a format that, with acceptable quality, gives the minimum size. For screenshots with text predominance, this is a GIF or PNG. For colorful images — JPEG. The use of BMP format for screenshots is prohibited!
This paragraph of the Rules (with the exception of the ban on BMP) does not apply to sections and topics specifically designed to accommodate large images.

4.11.5. The use of slang and abbreviations in the title of the topic is prohibited. You should write "Bluetooth on Qtek S100", not "Bluetooth on KuTek S100". The name of the topic should use the original name of the program or device. In the future, this will make it easier to search by topic name.
4.12. It is prohibited to create topics or messages that do not involve discussion, or involve personal correspondence with a specific forum participant, including the publication of advertisements and other advertisements. For personal correspondence, use the system of personal messages.
4.13. It is prohibited to publish messages aimed only at raising the topic in the list and at the same time not carrying a semantic load, for example: "does no one know?" or "ap!". 
4.14. Uninformative topic names are prohibited, for example: "Pamagite!", "I have a problem!", "Cry of the soul!" and the like. It is also forbidden to write personal wishes in the subject of the message, for example: "Bluetooth setup. Urgent!!!". If the forum members know the answer to your question, they will answer regardless of whether you need it "urgently" or not.
4.15. Topic names and messages overloaded with punctuation marks (more than three in a row) are prohibited, for example: "How to set up Wi-Fi????????".
4.16. It is forbidden to reply without text (with a smiley face, including text emoticons). As well as responses consisting only of emoticons, or overloaded with them (more than three emoticons in one message), in all sections except the "Smoking room" section.
4.17. It is forbidden to discuss unrelated issues in the same topic. For example: "There is a Dell x51v PDA with A01 firmware and a russifier from Paragon Software, but A06 firmware is already available on the Dell website. In general, will the Russifier stand on this A06 firmware?
And yet, I bought a Screen Protector film (Brando was not available) for the device, since it is not glue, it gradually lags behind at the edges. Is it a film of this quality, or am I doing something wrong?". The first question should be discussed in the topic about Russifiers, and the second - in the topic about films.
4.18. Deviation from the topic is prohibited. For example, in the topic dedicated to Spb Pocket Plus, it is forbidden to discuss the work of other today plugins, excluding comparing them with Pocket Plus.
4.19. Abuse of quoting (overquoting, overquoting) is prohibited. It is not necessary to quote the opponent's messages completely — it is enough to highlight the main points and click on the "quote highlighted" button.
4.20. It is strictly prohibited to publish keys, crack codes and other wares of software developers whose wares of programs are prohibited on the resource.

Note to 4.20:

It is allowed to search for, discuss unlicensed software, post links to similar software only under the spoiler, uploading such software to the forum is strictly prohibited.
4.21. It is strictly forbidden to discuss the actions of representatives of the Administration. If you do not agree with the actions of the Administration representatives, contact any Moderator of the section where the incident occurred or through the "Complaint" button. If the complaint is found to be justified, disciplinary measures will be applied to the representative of the Administration. If you have not received a response to the complaint from the Moderator within two or more days, contact the special section (Complaints).
4.22. Any materials of erotic and pornographic content may be removed from the resource without warning, at the discretion and in accordance with the moral principles of the Moderators. Also for posting such materials on our forum, anywhere entails a warning to the user.
4.23. The publication of private ads for the purpose of buying, selling or exchanging devices, accessories and other things is prohibited.
4.24. When placing links, the use of special services for their reduction is prohibited.
4.25. The publication of referral materials (links, coupons and code words) in any form is prohibited, and is equated to commercial activity. Any commercial activity within the forum is prohibited. In addition, what is provided by the functionality of the forum.

4.26. If a response has not been received in the topic created by the user within 5 days, the topic is transferred to those. archive, the author of the topic can re-create the topic, in this case, the penalty for a duplicate will not follow.

4.27. It is strictly prohibited to create topics completely ignoring the forum sections, all technical questions are asked only in the "Computer section" section in a subforum suitable for your question, if there is no such thing, you can ask a question in the "General User Questions" section if you completely ignore this rule and create a topic in a completely different section, to bypass pre-moderation, you will be given a warning.


5. Reward system:
5.1. If a forum participant gave good advice that helped in solving your problem, you should not post a message with the text "Thank you! You're Super!!!". On our forum, it is customary to express gratitude by raising the reputation of a particular participant.
5.2. Any user can influence the reputation of other participants.
5.3. Hidden or explicit extortion of raising reputation is prohibited, for example: "I helped you, and you didn't even say thank you!" or "I could have raised my reputation!". If you deserve to raise your reputation, it will be raised to you without reminders.
5.4. It is prohibited to use reputation for revenge or similar cases. Reputation is not a means of showdown!
5.5. It is prohibited to repeatedly increase or decrease the reputation. In case of violation, multiple changes will be reduced to 1 point.


6. Punishment system:
6.1. Penalties are imposed by the Moderator for non-compliance with the Rules of the forum and/ or additional Rules of the section.
6.2. Types of punishments:
6.2.1. Warning — the minimum type of punishment. It is taken out for non-compliance with the Rules of the forum.
6.2.2. "Read Only" or "RO". The status "Read Only" is issued for malicious and/or repeated non-compliance with the Rules of the forum and is applied along with Warnings for violating the Rules of the resource. The "Read Only" status can be assigned to a participant for various periods depending on the Moderator's decision. This status means that a forum participant cannot leave messages on the forum, website and in personal messages (QMS).
6.2.3. Pre—moderation - applied along with Warnings and/or the "Read Only" status. Pre-moderation can be set to a participant for different periods depending on the Moderator's decision. This status means that the user's messages will appear on the resource only after verification and approval by the moderator.
6.2.4. Ban is the ultimate punishment for forum participants. It is issued in exceptional cases for repeated or intentionally gross violation of the Rules of the resource.
6.2.5. The warning level consists of 5 steps, they are also points. Upon reaching 5 points, the account is automatically blocked.
6.3. Lowering the level of warnings:
6.3.1. The level of warnings is lowered automatically after the time set by the moderator since the last change in the level of warnings, subject to strict compliance with the Rules of the forum.
6.3.2. Early lowering of the warning level and removal of the "Read Only" and "Pre-moderation" statuses is not possible.
6.3.3. The blocking of the user account (ban) is made once by the decision of the Moderator and is final.
6.4. In the event of a situation that does not fall under any of the points of the rules, the Representative of the Administration has the right to act at his discretion.
6.5. If you do not agree with the punishment imposed, you can appeal it by contacting any Administrator.
6.6. The decision made by the Administrator is final and cannot be appealed.


7. Working with files:
7.1. It is allowed to upload images and files on the forum. All major graphic formats and archives are allowed for download.
7.2. The maximum size of the downloaded file is 5 MB.
7.3. The file name can consist only of numbers and letters of the English or Russian alphabet.

7.4 If your file size is more than 5 MB, you should upload it to the allowed clouds (Yandex Disk / Google Disk) and insert a link to the material.


8. Statuses and user groups:
8.1. User Groups:
8.1.1 User. All users of the forum, after registration.
8.1.2. Verified. All Users who have been registered for 30 or more days, upon reaching 25 or more reputation (likes) and 150 or more posts on the forum are automatically moved to this group.

8.1.3. MASTER. All Users who have been registered for 30 or more days, upon reaching 25 or more reputation (likes) and 350 or more posts on the forum are automatically moved to this group.

8.1.4. PREMIUM. Paid forum group, you can get it by purchasing a forum subscription
8.1.5. Repair shop. It is issued to users who have performed well in the "Technical section", helped to find more than a dozen solutions to users' questions.
8.1.6. The HappyPC command. It is issued to users who belong to any HappyPC projects, such as discord, telegram and other resources related to HappyPC activities.

Editor. The group responsible for the "News" section. Editors are engaged in publishing news on our resource.
8.2. Representatives of the Resource Administration:
8.2.1. Moderator.
8.2.2. Chief Moderator.
8.2.3. Administrator.


9. Changing Resource Rules:
9.1. The resource Administration reserves the right at any time at its sole discretion to change (supplement, modify and cancel) certain positions of the Rules without prior notice to the participants, as well as to cancel the Rules in full.
9.2. All changes take effect from the moment they are published.
9.3. The obligation to monitor changes in the Rules of the resource in a timely manner lies with its participants. Ignorance of the Rules does not exempt forum participants from responsibility for their violation.


10. Acceptance of the rules:
10.1. Your use of this forum means that you accept the established rules.
10.2. In case of disagreement with the above rules, you must leave the forum.

The Forum administration has the right to make changes to the rules at any time, which come into force immediately. Continued use of the forum after the changes are made means your automatic consent to comply with the new rules.
All suggestions, comments and feedback on the work of the forum should be sent to the "Suggestions for improvement" section, or, if your message is personal, in private messages to any of the forum administrators.

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